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3rd Generation Display for Lawyers

Use vision to think with precision and speed

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Search up to 100 times faster than Ctrl+F in MS Word
Get precision answers across multiple documents & legislation
See contract overviews in 100 milliseconds
View case documents from multiple perspectives
Perform exploratory discovery — Across matter documents — Instantly

Our research has revealed that when a lawyer works with

deal & matter documents,
regulations & legislation

MS Word and other tools have

insufficient exploratory capabilities,
ineffective information presentation,
limited user interface & experience.

VistaDraft will free up associate & counsel level lawyers to focus on legal brain work
by making boring non-legal mechanical work up to 100 times faster.

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All company, product and service names used in this material are for identification purposes only.

Inventions to effectively present ... numbers & text

Inventions to effectively present text and numbers came in three waves.

William Playfair, a Scottish Enlightenment engineer, invented Line chart in 1786.
After 15 years in 1801 inspired by shapes and sizes of moon and sun he invented Pie chart.
Track changes & redline in MS Word appeared around 2000,
500 years after invention of Section heading to more effectively present text.

VistaDraft is leading the third wave of inventions for text.


The legal profession has been deprived of integrated tools benefiting other client-facing high value knowledge professionals.
The time has come to change it.

Instead of AI, machine learning and lawyer disintermediation, lawyers need intuitive, practical tools at their fingertips with a superior User Interface.
We conducted extensive research into 100+ technology tools used in the legal industry.
There is a multitude of siloed solutions developed incrementally to solve a particular problem.
No attempt has been made to FUNDAMENTALLY follow a lawyer journey through the siloes and build a unified tool.
There is no equivalent to a Swiss Army knife for lawyers.

Lawyer tools are not streamlined, they do not provide a cohesive UI and cost end users unneccesary mouse clicks and key presses.

End users have little influence in the selection and design of the products they use daily.

Other knowledge industries achieved transformation through application of FUNDAMENTAL breakthrough ideas,
often from an adjacent or unrelated industry.

Breakthroughs for lawyers

Pierre Bézier first applied curves to digitise design of automobile bodies at Renault in the 1960s.
Bézier curves subsequently transformed the publishing world through creation of PostScript language by Adobe.
This allowed to bring calligraphy quality fonts to consumer screens like mobile phones and computers.
Is there an equivalent invention yet to be discovered for the legal industry?


We are a growing team of likeminded people based in London, Cambridge and Oxford in UK and Vilnius in Lithuania.
We work with lawyers, technology leaders and adjacent discipline specialists to deliver the breakthrough product in this space.

World-class research

Our product insights are based on leading expertise from world renowned experts based in Cambridge and Oxford
that work closely with our R&D staff and law firm clients to apply cutting edge research to everyday use cases.

Open job positions

5106 Product director
5201 Product management intern
5202 Software engineering trainee
5203 Legal product manager
5204 Business and research associate
5205 Software engineer .NET contractor
5206 Technology research associate
5207 Software engineer .NET WPF contractor
5208 MBA intern
5211 Legal product intern
5302 Accountant

To apply please send your CV to jobs @, stating position code and title

Current and former interns*

* we invest in training and inspire people to build careers and expertise

Our office locations

London Bridge, London

Downtown, Vilnius

London Bridge, London

Downtown, Vilnius


VistaDraft LTD | Based in Borough, London
Reception: +44 20 3290 5450 | E-mail:
Registered in England and Wales | Company No. 10665039
16 Quastel House, 32 Long Lane, London, SE1 4AY, United Kingdom

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